We support a number of churches, individuals and mission agencies, locally and across the world.


Currently we support

  • Nabil and Sarah Shehadi, church planting in Lebanon with CMS
  • David and Gina Hucker, church planting in Argentina with CMS
  • Sena and Jane Ounate Lare, currently working and studying in Oxford
  • A Rocha, a Christian environmental and nature conservation movement.
  • Wirral Youth For Christ, who aim to bring the good news of Christ to young people across the Wirral
  • Falcon Camps,  running Christian holidays for disadvantaged young people
  • Tear Fund, who help communities in need across the world
  • St Peter’s Rock Ferry Youth Project, proclaiming Christ to children, young people and their families
  • Neema Children’s Home caring for HIV/AIDS orphans in Eldoret, Kenya
  • Barnabas Fund, supporting the suffering church across the world
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