As a church we work together to bring glory to God by telling others about Jesus, loving one another and serving the people of our community.


We are

  • Committed to Christ.  We trust the work of Jesus Christ in bringing forgiveness and new life.  We aim to love, understand and serve Christ more and more, enabled by the Holy Spirit.  Through Jesus we know God as our Father, and so we are serious about our praying as a church.
  • Confident in the Bible.  We believe that the Bible is God’s word and trust what it says, seeking to understand and obey it and to communicate it to others.
  • Committed to one another.  We aim to be a church family in which each person is known, valued and helped to live more like Jesus Christ.
  • Concerned for our community and the wider world.  We want to make Christ known and to help meet the practical needs of our neighbours.
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